Monday, December 16, 2013

Joy Begins…from within.

by Susan

Before turning this post over to Susan, I have some news I want to share with you. As you may know, Susan was one of the original Focusing on  Life sisters and did a guest post for us last month. She has agreed to come back into the fold and today's post will be her last as a guest. Beginning January 1st, Susan will be regularly posting every other Wednesday. All of us here at FOL are thrilled to have her back and I know you have a treat in store with her thought-provoking posts and wonderful photography.  I'm sure you will all give her a warm welcome! ~ Terri

Joy Begins...from within.

'I am joy.' It's as simple as that.  Joy begins...from within. You, me...your next door neighbor and on and on. Joy begins from something inside of us, a happiness...a feeling...that makes us smile, laugh and long to pass it share with others.

It's the gift of giving...and receiving. It's who we are. It's universal.

Spread 'joy' where you go. Do nice things for othersdrop a few dollars in those bright red Salvation Army buckets…donate food, clothes and gifts to your local charities…kiss your kids goodnight…always say 'i love you'…hug-hug-hug…spread joy to those you care for…and those that you have yet to know.

Please remember to share some of this 'joy' with us in the flickr pool! We love seeing your images!  

As always, it's wonderful to be a guest here again on FOL. Thank you so much for having me! 

Happy holidays and joyful wishes to you all…xoxo.


AFishGirl said...

I could not agree more and welcome back! Great news.

terriporter said...

So great to have you back, my dear friend! You are so right that joy is not just feeling it yourself but sharing it with others. It multiplies tenfold when given away! Thanks for the reminder.

CarolHart said...

So glad you are back! Thank you for this post. I think we all need to be reminded from time to time that being joyful is a choice. The more we choose joy, the more we feel it.

Dotti said...

Yes, choose joy! It does come from within us but it can be elusive sometimes. And it's not a seasonal thing ... we need to find and keep this joy all the time. And sharing the joy might just be the secret to that!

Welcome 'home', Susan!

kelly said...

so great to see you here again susan! and yes indeed joy comes from inside. thank you for the reminder today.

Deanna said...

Joy is a feeling that carries me thru, sometimes the joy light goes out for a little while, but it bounces back quickly when I remember my blessings....welcome back sweet one, we are so happy that you are back with our sister-hood!!

Viv@within the Frame said...

Wonderful you are so right a smile to someone can bring you joy.....

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