Monday, January 6, 2014

Word Up

by Carol

Winter Tableau

"Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.."
                          lyric - The Sound of Music

And so 2014 kicks into gear and so does our new theme for January - beginnings! And it's time to choose my word for the new year. It was hard to choose this year. I loved last year's choice - "simplify," and I don't feel quite done with it, but at the same time I feel I need more of a kick to keep the process going.
  •        I thought of toss -  for all the things I want to toss out. 
  •        I thought of organize, trying to encourage myself to find a place for it all - but that seemed too much like work.
  •        I thought of focus, clarify narrow - but I have too much variety in the things I need to re-think - it doesn't feel like time to close in yet. 
  •        I thought of tranquility and serenity because of the way I want to feel once it's all done. But I am far from done and it doesn't seem like the right time for that yet.

Then it came to me! I wrote here about making the objects I own define myself better. Yet this morning, there I was, sitting in my comfy chair, looking through a stack of after-Christmas catalogues. They were full of sales and I was folding down corners and thinking about hitting that Paypal button, when I realized I was falling into my old habits. I don't need, nor can I afford any more "junk," just because it's pretty, or it would go with my room, or it's at a great once-in-a-lifetime price! It suddenly occurred to me that simplifying is not just about tossing things out - it's also about choosing more carefully what you bring in! 

That's when I found the word - ENHANCE!

"You don't have to sort of enhance reality. There is nothing stranger than truth." Annie Leibovitz

That sent me to the definition, and here are a few of the words I found as part of it's definition:    to better; to increase value, quality and attractiveness; to strengthen; to improve; to define; to elevate; to augment; to beautify.  This is definitely my word for 2014.   I want to do all of those things. I want to do them to my black hole of a cellar, to my website, to my photography. I want to hone in on my self-definition and to elevate my day-to-day life. I want to clear the clutter and ENHANCE  my style. 

So off I go - full speed ahead! Have you chosen your word yet? Let's hear it sisters! And let's get it in gear!  Good luck! And Happy New Year friends!

It's a new beginning



Karen Main said...

Love the word enhance and all that it means to you.
I didn't consciously choose a word last year and yet COURAGE became my anthem.
This year I am choosing NIMBLE.
I want to live nimbly, less constraints, flexible, lively, supple, agile, active, energetic and free of many of the constraints I have placed upon myself.

Sarah Huizenga said...

That is a great word. One that can truly be used in so many areas of life. Mine is courageous.

kelly said...

great word carol! sounds like you are off to great start! my word for the year is PARE. it's a little bit simplify and a little bit focus. will be great to have this community for support. happy monday!

Katie said...

i love reading about other's words for the year, they always get me so inspirited. great choice, and happy new year to you, too!

Dotti said...

What a wonderful word, Carol! And beautiful images that certainly 'enhance' our FOL page today. Although I've done the 'word' bit for the past three years, I'm a dismal failure at it. This year, I'm thinking more in terms of a concept: simplicity. Mostly in terms of applying it to my photography although it may spill over into real life, too. It's not the same as simplify. For one thing it's not a verb. But it seems more a concept to me than just a word and I think that's what I'm going to explore this year. Maybe that will work better for me than the 'word' thing.

Anonymous said...

After reading the definition of enhance, I love the idea! Great choice, Carol.

Strength is my word to focus on for 2014.

terriporter said...

I love your word! Sounds perfect and will work in so many areas of your life. Last year my word was "Focus", meaning I wanted to focus on the important things in my life and not spread myself so thin, and also I wanted to work on improving the focus of my photography. This year I loved our December Focus word of "joy" and wasn't ready to be done with it when the month ended so I have decided that is my word for 2014. So much fun to read what everybody's words are! And, Carol, I love your photos! So crisp and clear and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great word for 2014 Carol! I too, need to simplify and stop hitting that paypall button impulsively lol! My word for 2014 is "silent"… mainly because I have decided to be still, silent and listen for answers! Also its kinda neat that the letters in "silent" also spell "listen"! Have fun with your word this year and as always…awesome photos!

Carol said...

Great words,in my opinion, and well thought out everyone. And yes Dotti - I also do much better with concepts than specifics. Good luck on your journeys everyone and stay warm! (and thanks for the clarity comment Terri - I just read some articles on sharpening - maybe I learned something!)

heyjudephotography said...

Your word last year is my word this year. To simplify any and all things. From my schedules, to my work flow, to my every day expectations of perfection. I am hoping that in simplifying, I will find quiet time for ME. I like your word - I think it will suit you just fine!

Olivia Fulmer said...

My word is "intentional." I am seeking to be more intentional about what I do and even how I do those things. Being deliberate in choosing the things I do is also part of my word, as well.

susan said...

beautiful images carol…and love your post, your word…everything! as far as my word? it's 'embrace' and i'll be writing more about it next week. for now…i'm going to 'embrace' sleep and go catch a few zzz's. xoxo

Kim Stevens said...

Enhance, what a great word Carol. And I too do better with a concept, a word that be can made a habit rather than something so specific that I set myself up for failure. I read that 88% of those who make resolutions fail by February...I think we are on to something with this word thing!! :)

...Intentional with a side of simplicity for me!

Patti G said...

BEYOND ----- my word. I want to reach beyond the stars, to go beyond the limits & boundaries I seem to have defined as mine, to go beyond at the end of the day & find joy in it somewhere.

Deanna said...

Great word, Carol....enhance, yes definitely love that word. And I do love all of your images too...they enhanced my world today!!

Marcia said...

Carol, Thanks for enhancing my day. My word for the year is actually two words but I'm counting it as one because it's an entity. It's the same as your title for this blog post: "Word Up!" (which is the title of the book I published recently about powerful writing). Word up, all you beautiful people out there.

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