Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If I Had Only Known Then.

by Kelly

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. ~Lao Tzu

I was just going to be empty for a while.

This was the conclusion I had come to while standing there in the middle of my daughter's empty bedroom. She had been away at college just over two months and I was having an empty-nest meltdown of epic proportions.

If I had only known then.

If I had only known then that photography class I was signed up for would change the way I see the world.

If I had only known then how photography would change the way I see myself.

If I had only known then that I would come to know so many amazing women.  Some on different journeys, but a passion for living just the same.

If I had only known then that many of these beautiful souls would become my friends.

If I had only known then that Dotti would reach out to me one day and ask me to be part of this family.

If I had only known then how I would come to cherish these sisters of mine.

If I had only known then that one day I we would no longer be 'online' friends.  But rather, real friends.  Friends in real life.

If I had only known then the joy it would bring to be sharing this passion with my friends.  To be connected to them in a profound way.

If I had only known then.

I'm not quite sure if I will ever have exactly the right words to express how much these women and this community means to be.  But just so you know...it has made all the difference.

I am forever grateful.

Love, Kelly


Sherri B. said...

Your words have moved me deeply...my daughter (and only child) moved up to NYC last week, so I relate so much to the empty nest feeling. I'm very glad you found 'your tribe' and that photography brings you such joy. I feel the same way when I'm out with my camera! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful photos.

AFishGirl said...

Ohhhhhh, that shot of Dotti and Terri in the white, ohhhhhhh, it's so good. I bet you're all still in the throes of savouring the whole experience of having been together. This is lovely, Kelly. Lovely. Ya do good work here, FOL. Ya do good work. And we are grateful.

Dotti said...

Thank you, Kelly. I'm so moved by your words this morning as I continue to decompress from our marvelous time together. I feel a bit of the empty nest feeling right now, missing you all so much. But so grateful we can stay in touch through FOL and our own blogs and IG and FB. You're all woven into the fabric of my life. FOL and this community are woven into the fabric of my life and I love hearing from our readers each day, getting to know them better. A great start to a wonderful Tuesday ...

Carol said...

You have expressed what my heart feels so beautifully, friend. I'm glad I met you

Cathy H. said...

Beautifully written, Kelly! It's amazing how one photography class enriched so many of our lives, especially with friendships!

susan said...

Ditto. Ditto. Ditto my friend. So grateful to be a part of this amazing group of women and even more grateful to have roomed with you on this adventure.

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, yes, yes! Exactly what I have felt and am feeling and put so perfectly. I still marvel at how we have come together online and then in person, how we feel about each other and how these friendships have enriched all of our lives. Your pictures bring all the joy and love of our time together right back and make me so happy that we were able to be together in person, as well as make me miss all of you even more than I already do. But our time together fills my heart and I know we will all be together again before too long. Beautiful photos, Kelly!

Linda/patchwork said...

Beautiful photos. And, beautiful words.
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together.

Cathy said...

This is just so amazing.

Roxi Hardegree said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful post. Besides the leaves I love the shot from the back walking down the street.

Linda said...

Yes, yes and yes! Beautiful shots of a magic time! I am forever grateful to have been part of it all! And to have met you! You are an amazing woman!

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