Thursday, April 30, 2015

App Review-Hipstamatic DSPO

by Linda

Recently Hipstamatic released a new app called Hipstamatic DSPO. (pronounced dis-po, for disposable)

This app is completely separate from their well known Hipstamatic app. Hipstamatic DSPO is a fun little app that allows you to share a camera with friends. A "disposable" camera, since it is set up for one time use. Think about all the events (weddings) where there have been disposable cameras on the tables, put there so you can take some photos. DSPO is much like that, but Hipstamatic amped it up a little.

With DSPO, you set up a camera, add a timer, invite your friends and shoot away.

You name the camera and give it a photo of it's own-either take a new one or import one from your camera roll, set the timer (which is really camera duration)-you have choices of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 hours, 3, 7, 30, 365 days, invite your friends via your contact list, facebook, twitter and start taking pictures.

Once you begin taking pictures, that's where the fun begins. There are several filters you can add to your photo for different looks, you can caption your photo, you can write on/highlight/underline your photo and you can assign a mood to your photo (sad, merry, happy, sexy, yummy) 

The write/highlight/underline option is a fun one but when you're at an event, you may not have time to use it.

None of the photos you or your friends are taking will be visible until the timer is off. They aren't even in your photo album on your phone. But, everytime someone takes a photo, there will be a message in the message center inside the app. It will tell you who took a photo, where it was taken and what kind of mood it was. In this message center you can also chat with all your friends.

I thought all this sounded like fun and wanted to try it but there were no weddings, birthdays, anniversaries in my near future so I asked my Life Sisters if they wanted to play. I got overwhelming support from them because they are the best! We decided to play on a Saturday. I set up a camera, set the timer for 12 hours and invited them. Once everyone was on it was so much fun being able to chat with them and seeing they were taking pictures. Not being able to see the pictures at the exact moment they were taken added to the excitement!

At the end of the timer, we were able to scroll through the pictures that everyone had taken. You can comment on pictures and you can save any or all of the pictures to your camera roll. You can also share the pictures on social media.

It was a nice way to spend some time virtual photo walking with my Life Sisters who are spread out across the country!

Overall, I think Hipstamatic DSPO is a fun app that would work very well at any event. The drawback is it is for an IOS device only. (I have a dream that someday soon, all apps will work on all phones, regardless of their operating system!)

Besides the IOS only thing,
-it would be nice to be able to set up a camera and not have the timer start until the event begins (right now, the timer starts counting down as soon as you set it up)
-I would like to be able to change the timer once the camera is set up (no do-overs now)
-this app uses a lot of battery, it makes sense because of how much is going on but it would be nice if it wasn't such a battery hog

Give Hipstamatic DSPO a try. It's free in the app store. There is an in-app purchase (the pens to write on the photo and a few more filters) it is 99 cents.


Thank you Terri, Dotti (Dorothy), Deanna, Carol and Leigh for playing along with me! It was such fun! Does anyone recognize the camera cover photo?




Carol said...

I recognize the cover ! That would be our shadow people! It was a lot of fun doing this Saturday, and with all the chatting, i really felt like I had spent the day with my girls. We should do it again soon.Try it readers, you'll li,e it!

Dotti said...

This was tons of fun! And it really was like a virtual get together. I wish you could see the pictures here on the post, though. It would be a great way for families who can't spend the holidays together to share their day on the spot and be with one another virtually. The chat was probably the best part and the big reveal at the end was fun, letting you see how your friends spent their day. Well worth the price of admission.

terriporter said...

This was so much fun! Like Carol said, almost like spending the day together with our chit chat back and forth and seeing all the photos everyone took at the end. And, yes, I definitely recognized the cover photo and loved your chosen title of Saturplay! We should do this once a month!

kelly said...

This is so cool Linda! Thanks for sharing!!

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