Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rules, What Rules?

by Kim

"Artists are not followers of convention and no rules or rationale applies
in the pursuit of artistic fulfillment."  - John Cerlienco
(Sun flare can be a great leading line, lol)

About those rules . . . 

We are constantly told that it is about rules of thirds, and composition. Light, shadow, and shapes. What we leave in and what we take out of the frame. There is perspective and depth of field, shutter speed and ISO. Sharp focus and quality of light. 

We are told don't shoot into the light, or create sun flare. Don't go out in the midday sun, and by all means take great care not to make a blurry image.

I think that sometimes we can become so sidetracked by the rules when we are creating, that it becomes more about "the rules" and less about what we are trying to create.

It stops being about real stuff, and it stops being about emotion because we think too much.

(Low light - In camera movement, taking full advantage of a very overcast day)

Sometimes we can get so concerned with the "golden hours" we tend to forget that being creative uses all kinds of light - it is not exclusive.

(The essence of a mum)

(Impressionistic blur adds emotion and mood to an image)

If we are more concerned with the focus of our images, we can lose our own creative focus, and sometimes we can become more concerned with post production than trusting our intuition in the moment.

(Go ahead, step in front of the light)

Honestly, I think we restrict ourselves and our freedom when we are compelled to always adhere to the rules and principles of photography, and when we think too much we limit ourselves and our own creativity. Because beyond all the rules are new techniques, and a different way to see things.

It's good to have guidelines, but it's also good to know you don't always need to use them, because let's face it, life already has so many rules as it is.

So go ahead, take the Tuesday plunge, and liberate yourself from too much thinking. . . let's ignore some rules today.

See you out in the field, so to speak...

Love, Kim


Carol said...

I coildn't agree more. I think it's i portant to begin to learn with the rules, so that you know how to break them once you are in control. These images are really great -I love the shaky harbor, especially!

heyjudephotography said...

As you know Kim, I love the way you break the rules. I am still trying to master in camera movement to produce beauties like your boats in the marina shot. I love all of these photos, and the idea that once we know the rules, to shoot with our hearts to create.

terriporter said...

You're my favorite rule breaker! I tend to let myself get caught up in the "shoulds" and the "don'ts" but I know it really stiffles creativity. All of your shots and perfect examples of why we need to break out of that box and try new things, even break a few rules. Thanks for the encouragement to do just that!

Dotti said...

It's so true. We can get so caught up in the rule of thirds and composition and the mechanics of it all, that we forget the creativity and the love that flows from allowing ourselves to be creative. These are all wonderful examples of rule breaking gone right!

kelly said...

kim you capture the heart and light of everything you shoot. thanks for reminding and teaching us to do the same. xo

Anonymous said...

Great post, Kim! I personally think I break the rules more often than not lol! I see something that moves me and Im going to take that photo right then and there! If we wait for the perfect time of day, or wait until the clouds pass, we may be missing out on something that really speaks to us! If we wait for everything to be perfect, then we miss out on the most beautiful imperfect moments! Great photos and thanks for sharing!

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