Monday, June 29, 2015

Fun and Fabulous Fourth!

by Terri

Five days until the 4th of July!  I get a little bit nostalgic on this holiday, remembering when I was a kid – the fireworks, the parades, the cookouts. But I’m sad to say that it is just too darned hot here to do those things. Who wants to stand out in 100+ degree temperatures to watch a parade, not to mention fireworks?  When our annual vacation in San Diego coincides with the 4th it's great!

There is a fireworks display at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and all we have to do is walk to the corner from our condo and watch. The oohs and aahs, that smell that only fireworks have, the sound of rockets flying high in the sky – we all love every minute!  

But here in the land of the heat, if we’re in town we are usually in the pool staying wet, which has its own charms. 

We do cook  out, but we take it inside where it’s cool to eat it.  Of course, there are always some 4th of July cupcakes to enjoy!

And patriotic t-shirts for the grandkids:

What are your plans for the 4th? Do you celebrate with an all-out patriotic blast or something quieter? Do you have some traditions that you never miss doing or do you like to change it up a bit? Whatever you do, I hope you have a fun-filled time with family and friends, because it's not what you do, it's who you're doing it with!



Dotti said...

Most years find us going to the community fireworks show with our family and friends. My husband and I always like to catch the Boston Pips 4th of July concert on public television. And of course, cookouts. Oh! We usually shoot some fireworks in the driveway for our granddaughter who usually has a friend in tow. But this year, none of that for us. July 4th will find us in Paris with my granddaughter sashaying around in her little red, white and blue dress. Happy 4th wherever you may celebrate!

Dotti said...

Uh. That would be Boston Pops!

kelly said...

most years we celebrate the fourth by going to the lake and watching the fireworks from the boat. this year the water is too high to get out, but we'll still have fun being with family. wishing a happy fourth to you and your family terri! xoxo

pjs said...

That's so funny... You will be a stones throw away from my house. We always walk up to the circle to watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds. This year we are going to be on a lake in Montana enjoying family. Happy 4th of July!

heyjudephotography said...

Fireworks at the Riverfront Green on the Hudson River. Live music and picnic.

Lisa Comperry said...

Most years I celebrate the Fourth of July by going to the local golf course to watch fireworks..After a dinner out or a yummy barbecue at home with family..I think this year will be the same :-) I love your shots!

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