Friday, December 4, 2015

Celebrate the Moment

by Dotti

Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and
realize they were the BIG THINGS.

As I pondered the theme for this month, I thought of the long to-do lists that each of us has, the calendars that are filled with appointments, dinners, parties, school events, piano recitals – and on and on it goes. I knew I needed an antidote and my guess was that you did, too, so I decided we should all just stop. Then breathe. Then ‘celebrate the moment’.

You can celebrate the moment in any way you please. For most of us, I suspect that we pick up our cameras and look for some holiday eye candy to fill the camera frame and then click, click, click goes the shutter.

Another way is to stop and make a cuppa tea for yourself. Or coffee. Or get a latte. Whatever slows you down and helps you celebrate this moment, right here, right now. Because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

 This year, I’m going a step further, joining Terri and Kelly, and Ali Edwards in making a December Daily journal. Terry and Kelly are old hands at this; it’s my first go at it. However, even though the month is young, I’m finding that I do like it. During the day as I go about my tasks and errands, I’m thinking in the back of my mind about what I might like to do with today’s page and what I might like to add. Sometimes the moment just happens so it’s important to keep my camera at hand. Those are the best moments!

It’s not at all unusual for us to have more foggy, grey days in December than sunshine-filled days. When that happens, rather than letting it be a downer, I light a candle in the daytime just because. The glow of the flame lifts my spirits and the scent fills all my senses.

But the real key to staying in the moment and to keeping our balance and perspective is to remember to practice gratitude. I am always delighted that our November Gratitude month leads into the holiday season because I truly believe that practicing gratitude is the secret to knowing joy in our lives, not just in December but year round.

So this month, let’s all share with one another the small celebrations as well as the big ones and through it all to be grateful for every moment, every day. Because when it’s gone, it’s gone.


terriporter said...

It's so important to not get lost in all the craziness of the holidays and to just sit back and enjoy each moment. I know, it's easy to say because the to-do lists are endless, but if you just manage to squeeze in a little time for yourself, it can change your whole perspective. Doing December Daily does two things: it keeps you aware of all that is going on around you because you want to capture it for your album and it gives you a little time each day to play and create. It's my "slow down and focus" time of the day and I have found over the years that I really need to force myself to do that. So glad to have you joining me in this endeavor this year!

kelly said...

yay for quiet moments, yay for taking time to capture the memories. i didn't do december daily last year because i told myself that i didn't have time. and i really missed it. so this year i am taking the time...hence the piles of dirty clothes in my bedroom floor. :) happy friday friend. xoxoxo

Chin How Chung said...

I've been following your blog for awhile and it never fails to bring a sense of calmness to me and made me more centered. Thank you!

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