Monday, December 7, 2015

Moments With Bacon

by Carol

Just in case we haven't beaten you over the head with it enough yet, this month we are choosing to focus on "the little moments" in our lives. These are the moments we carry in memory, when not on film - the moments that touch our hearts and fill our minds as we look back on our years.

I am a "luncher," or a breakfaster sometimes. I would much prefer to get up in the morning on a day off and grab an early meal with friends rather than get dressed up for a fancy dinner. Let's face it, friends and bacon are just a great combination! There's a favorite diner nearby where I meet with old high school friends when they are in town. It's easier for visitors who have so many obligations when they are only in town for a short while. In my former job I worked with a group of women for over 20 years. We try now to meet every few months, and we've found a little lakeside restaurant that makes us feel like we've just been on vacation. Tomorrow I am meeting some photography buds for a seasonal catch-up in a Christmassy little town near where I grew up.

Of course, it's not about the grub, or the town or the view. It's about sharing lives with people I love. It's about not losing touch with those who are part of my past. It's about continuing friendships with those I have met under many different circumstances. It's about enjoying life through relationships.

It's about those little moments.....

(and remember - life is short - eat dessert first!)


*In this month full of gatherings, we invite you to share your little ones with us , as well as your big occasions. Celebrate the people you love to spend time with. Merry, Merry!


Dotti said...

You know, it's true! Everything you say here. I love the quote about remembering the little things because you may look back and realize they were the big things. And it's true. As I look back on the almost four years I've been keeping my granddaughter while her parents work, it's the little moments that are foremost in my heart. As I look back on my daughter's life, it is the little moments that fill my mama heart. That's what the holidays are all about - filling our hearts (and cameras) with the little moments and taking time to savor. (I think I recognize some of the people in that photo!!!) <3

terriporter said...

Sitting around a table with people I love has created so many wonderful memories! The conversation, the laughter, the stories -- they're little moments but ones that can live in our hearts forever. That shot of us having lunch together brings back one of my favorite little moments. I can't remember what we had to eat (well, except maybe the outrageous desserts!) but I do remember the laughter and togetherness. "Breaking bread" as they call it, is definitely a great way to spend time with other people, especially those friends and family who mean the most to us. I'm in the process of meal planning for the holidays and stressing over all the details but in the end it won't matter what we eat. We will be sharing it together and that's the most important part.

leigh said...

Love that photo!

kelly said...

what a lovely surprise to be greeted with a photo of this wonderful little takes up such a bit place in my heart. :) xoxox

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