Friday, December 11, 2015

Seeking Those Special Moments

By Deanna

I have thought about this post for most of this week, wondering what I was going to verbalize on this collaborative blog of ours. Our theme this month is “celebrating the moments” and the fact that this is the month of decorations, parties, merriment, concerts, Holiday Theater presentations, special church events, and glorious lights it should not be a chore to celebrate any of these special December moments. Because I participate in multiple book clubs, bible studies, Bunco groups, and the joy of getting together with friends, my calendar has been full of these “moments”.  In fact, there are still reminders on the calendar awaiting dates for more celebrations of the moment.  I am truly blessed to have these events and friends to rejoice with during this season of Christmas.

There is a quote that I ran across recently by Earl Nightingale that says "Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family and friends. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."  Now I admit that there are times when happiness is not on my radar, I mean come on, “who’s happy every minute?” But I do appreciate my life, I love my family and my dear friends, I love my dogs (and cat), I love the town I live in (altho it is getting more and more challenging to live here due to the ridiculous taxes and basic cost of living). And I am happy, not deliriously happy every moment, but contentedly happy.

But what does not make me happy are all the tragic events that have occurred in the past month, the horror and lives lost. It’s these remembrances that creep into my mind at various times of the day, thinking that there are many in this world that are not happy, not blessed with these special Christmas moments. I mourn for the people of Paris, not just for those who perished and for their families, but for all those affected by the terror. There are so many small shop owners, cafes, small hotels, and bakeries that depend on tourism to support their businesses.  Tourism is down, way down and probably won’t recover for some time. 

My heart aches for those refugees seeking asylum from terrorism. And then of course, the shock of what is happening here in the US.  Sometimes it is just too much for my heart to handle. OK, I am getting way out of the margins here with my lamenting of our world, but I can’t help but wonder how some of us are so blessed, while others suffer so.  Then I refer back to the quote I wrote earlier. “How precious is the time I have to spend, every minute should be enjoyed and savored.”

My holiday prayer is for all of us and especially to those that are suffering to remember this, that time is precious and to seek out those special moments, to savor and enjoy.


Dotti said...

Your thoughts so closely parallel mine. While my December Daily is helping me celebrate the ordinary every day moments I might miss during the hustle and bustle of December, I'm still not 'with it' as far as the upcoming holidays, in spirit or in actuality! Ms. Always Has It Finished By Now has barely begun. And you might just have verbalized why, Deanna. The world and even right here at home seems so painful and distressing now. But having just finished The Nightengale, I know that times in history have been far worse. I'm an optimist and I always believe better heads and better hearts will prevail. Our job is to hold onto our joy, to cherish each moment, to share that joy and strength and compassion with the world around us that is suffering. Why are we so blessed and others suffering? I ask this question a lot. I don't have an answer but I keep moving along. And I try to cherish each moment as it comes and pray for those who suffer so. On that note, let's all go out and make it a good day. Share a smile and a hug with someone who needs it.

Carol said...

Well put - both Deanna and Dotti. It is a distressing time. Hope is built of gratitude.

Dotti said...

Great thought, Carol - Hope is built of gratitude.

terriporter said...

I think we are all of this same mind and you have expressed it so well, Deanna. But, like Dotti, I am an optimist and am ever hopeful that things will be better. However, I sometimes feel a bit guilty to have it so good when so many others suffer. But I believe that we do need to continue rejoicing in our own lives and cherishing all the wonderful moments we are given. If we're not cherishing those moments, we are wasting them and that will not do anyone any good. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are feeling right now.

Jeanne said...

So well expressed Deanna! The world is a complex place in which we have to seek those precious moments

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