Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's a Super Bowl Party! (or not!)

by Linda

I know that you know that this Sunday, February 7, is Super Bowl Sunday.

I know that you know that the Super Bowl will be on TV for hours and hours and hours and.....

For me, the best parts are the halftime entertainment and the commercials. (everybody shut-up during the commercials please)

And of course, another good thing is the chance to spend time with others (party!) and share food (indulge!)

I like to come up with fun food for the Super Bowl. Food that represents whatever team I'm cheering for or, fun food that represents both teams. I don't have any skin in the game this year so I have been trying to come up with yummy noms that will represent both sides. (AKA-political correctness)

sidebar: trophy husband likes Payton Manning ("Manning's in the Super Bowl" say it like he does in those Nationwide Insurance commercials :) ) And Cam Newton went to JC down the road from my house (cough60milesawaycough) so we're neighbors.

What's wrong with these pictures? Figure that one out and you will see my current dilemma. (hint: everything is empty because I don't know what to make)

I have racked my pea brain and scoured the internet for ideas. I started with food from Colorado-Rocky Mountain Oysters (um, no) "magic" brownies (still no) and Coors beer.

Food from N. Carolina-Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Pepsi

I thought since the Super Bowl is in California, what about food from California? Um, no. Way too healthy. Then I thought since it's the 50th Anniversary how about food for 50th Anniversaries? Well, anything gold. Gold food? Another no.

So then I thought I may as well just go with the old stand-bys-dips, nachos and chile. But I found a recipe for bacon candy! Anyone ever tried that? I might try it. Because bacon! (pigskins! you know, last years big controversy-deflated pigskins!)

I found an interesting statistic about Super Bowl food-more guacamole is eaten during the Super Bowl than any other time, someone estimated that over 120 pounds of guacamole was eaten during last years big game. 120 POUNDS! Pounds people! How do you track that? Who drew the short stick and had to track that? What did they do-go door to door across America and say "show me your guacamole!" What size bowl would you serve that in?

I could make a few ounces of guacamole!

Anyway, at least I'll have something to serve during the Super Bowl!

Are you going to or having a Super Bowl Party?

What are you making?



Carol said...

No party here, but my son makes bacon candy and its awesome! I have faith you will come up with something creative and deliscious! Have fun!

Dotti said...

This cracks me up! What a great way to start our Thursday - with a laugh-out-loud (no 'lol' for me, please!) post. Hee-hee. No parties here and no bacon candy but if Carol says it's good, it must be good. We have a family friend who used to play for the Broncos but alas, he went to Atlanta last year. So, like you, I have no skin in this game. And, in fact, I'll be deeply immersed in my Kindle while the game is on, which will be in spurts because my husband has a trigger-happy remote finger. We may not even stay up for the end. Yawwwnnn.

Carol Hart and Cathy Sly - I hope you visit today - I'm sure you both have good suggestions for Linda's game food menu.

kelly said...

this post made my morning linda! sitting here with a big smile. :) sort of in the same boat food-wise...I'm not typically a big 'go all out' for the super bowl kind of girl. but it's nice to make something a little different. I'm sure whatever you decide on it will be awesome!

terriporter said...

Super Bowl? Is that happening this weekend? Just kidding, but since our Cardinals won't be playing, I'll be filling those hours and hours doing something else I think. My husband has that same "trigger-happy" finger that Dotti's has and all that channel changing makes me dizzy. You just get interested in what's on and then BAM it's changed to something else! But I digress. I do think we might have eaten a few pounds of guacamole ourselves in the past year so we did our part. Whatever everyone is doing, enjoying the game or something altogether different, I hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! And Linda, be sure to let us know what you decide to fill those adorable Super Bowl plates and bowls with!

Deanna said...

Haven't tried bacon candy, but it will be added to the "must eat" list. And guac a must for all parties, Super Bowl being one. Since there are no longer men living here (except Toby and he doesn't count) I doubt the game will even be on, altho I do like Peyton Manning. Have fun!!

Cathy H. said...

No party here! The game will be watched by Mr. H, but I'll be sitting on my end of the couch doing something else! Wish I could help out with the food, but that's not my thing!! I panic at the very thought of having to furnish food for anyone but immediate family.

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