Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Money Can't Buy Happiness

As I grow older, not necessarily wiser – I just think my perspective changes, I begin to look at what makes me happy, what is important in my life. I think back when I was a teenager, I know that was eons ago, but I still have faint recollections.  Having a date for the prom made me happy, getting a good grade on an exam, being with my girlfriends for sleepovers, water skiing at the lake.  Yes, these recollections and more made me happy.

Today what makes me happy are:

·         Waking up to see my 2 kids (dogs) greeting me with wags and kisses
·         Drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning and reading the newspaper, easing into the day.
·         Sunshine after days and days of grey
·         Birds at the birdfeeder
·         The back porch in the summertime
·         A good book.
·         Having my granddaughter live with me and hear her proclaim that her life is good!
·         My faith and how it has brought me peace & clarity.
·         My friends, without them I would not be where I am today.
·         Photography – the joy I have found through it and the exhilaration it brings to my soul
·         Travel – 2 trips already booked and 2 more on the way.
·         A good movie and a bag of popcorn with butter ofcourse.
·         Having all my senses still intact.
·         Seeing someone you love do something outstanding
·         The splendor of Fall, the colors of Summer, the blooms of Spring, and fresh fallen snow in Winter
·         Christmas shopping online so I don’t have to go to the mall.
·         Flat velvet lined hangers
·         Chili con queso and Doritos (just can’t stop eating them)
             Brand new colored pencils.

·         Appreciating the good fortune of my family.
·         A 4-way Cincinnati chili.
·         Rolling, swivel base luggage.
·         A nap in the afternoon.
·         New underwear.
·         Walking through the garden center in Spring.
·         Buying flowers at Trader Joe's.
·         An Egg McMuffin with cheese and sausage I can eat anytime of the day

So what makes you happy?  This is a short list, there is so much more in this life that makes me happy. If you are anything like me, food enters the picture quite frequently. Many of these things that make me happy are at absolutely no cost. That old quote “money can’t buy happiness” is very often true. Stop, think, look around and decide what really brings you a smile, laughter, pleasant thoughts, only you know what really makes you happy.  


Carol said...

Making me happy today? - This post!! I am starting my day with a big old smile and a bunch of gratitude, thanks to you ;)
I have a long list too, but off the top of my head I would add - freshly fallen snow, looking out over a body of water, whether lake or sea; all kinds of animals; crisp white sheets and CHOCOLATE! Thanks for a great start to my day!

kybarb said...

What a great list Deanna--I think I will be heading out to Skyline Chili for a cheese coney for lunch today:)

Dotti said...

Things that make me happy - a good night's sleep; reading FOL in the morning, seeing the lovely photos, reading the sweet/wise/funny/poignant words; a cuppa orange-spice tea in the morning; sunshine; flowers; taking photos; being creative; any body of water; travel - especially when it includes seeing friends; always family; having enough energy to do the things I want and need to do, and, of course, a piece of dark chocolate.

This was a delightful post to begin the day, Deanna. When I woke up, it was grey and cloudy after the rain overnight. I read your post and soon the sun began to shine. Literally. Could it be cause and effect? I think so. :-D

terriporter said...

So many things to be happy about and focusing on them makes me realize just how many there are. First and foremost, my family -- seeing the smiles on the faces of my grandchildren can make my day. Then, of course, there are so many other things, many of which have been mentioned -- travel, photography, friends -- and especially when all three of those happen at the same time! At this very moment, what is making me happy is having a hot cup of coffee in a beautiful mug and your perfect post to read. Who could ask for more?

Lisa Gordon said...

Deanna, You make me smile.
What a wonderfully uplifting post this is!
Thank you!! :-)

Cathy H. said...

I love that we all find happiness in the small ordinary things! A few things that bring me happiness are (in no particular order): wind, water, almost everything in nature, reading outside, picnics, family, snow, hiking, and friends. Thanks for the uplifting post this morning!

Anita Johnson said...

So much goodness here, I too am a different (and hopefully better) person now. I'll keep this simple. I love egg mc muffins!

kelly said...

well this post just made me really happy!! morning coffee, warm and fuzzy slippers, the golden hour.... it's always the littlest things!

Liz said...

I totally agree! My happiness comes from spending time with my loved ones, creating memories, my faith... and my photography

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Anonymous said...

You are so right about money not making anyone happy! I sure wish the younger generation could grasp this! More than ever, I feel wiser also, thinking back when I loved a whole day at the mall, shopping. You couldn't drag me in there now lol! But of course there are those things we need, like underwear (this made me laugh) and the best part is, online ordering! My happy place is with family, friends, good food and Im in love with my camera...and colored pencils! Thanks for sharing a great post! Enjoy your happy times!

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