Monday, June 20, 2016


by Carol

It takes time that few are willing to give or make. It takes slowing down and looking, yes, but it also takes attention and thought. Since I was a little girl people have said to me "I can't believe you noticed that!" Of course (no kidding) they have also said "Are you paying attention?" - meaning am I looking  at what they think I should be looking at. Maybe I wasn't looking at those math problems, but I did notice that berry frozen in the snow.

It wasn't really on purpose when I was younger, but Meister Eckhart says that this looking is freedom. If we have "the freedom to look without preconception" we are able to discover new sights. It's work to unblock your vision, and realize that the rusty nail is as beautiful as a flower.

As I have been taking a watercolor/sketch course online, I have had to paint or sketch something everyday. I see my classmates choosing shoes, desk supplies, bowls, toothbrushes, and it makes me wonder why we are all drawn to the subjects we choose. It's the same with our photography, of course. Why is our Terri drawn to her flowers so strongly? Or Kim her bugs, Kelly her home vignettes, Cathy her nature walks, or me my boats? And on and on for all of us.

I think it comes from deep within - from everything we have done and seen, but also what our ancestors have done and seen too. Have you ever watched "Who Do You Think You Are?. Isn't it interesting that the histories often reveal generations of teachers, or musicians, or soldiers, or artists? I don't think it's a coincidence. I don't always know why I choose to see, but I'm so glad I do. I wouldn't want to be limited in what I see. I wouldn't want to be any other way! Why do you choose to look at what you do?  

"When a pickpocket looks at a saint, he sees pockets."
                                             Meister Eckhart

     (Don't forget to try some dark and moody for our gallery too!)


AFishGirl said...

Kitchen sinks. And faces. Oh, faces. If I could find willing subjects, I'll do nothing but photograph people and if they let me, their kitchen sinks. Would this be a coffee table book you'd buy? "Portraits and the Sinks of Said Subjects." Like, would you pre-order it from amazon? Not quitting my day job just yet...

Carol said...

I actually would! But this is from a girl who has "Underwater Dogs " vol..1 sitting in her coffee table .....have you seen it? It's great!

Lisa Comperry said...

Shells...And bare trees in pretty sunlight :-)

kelly said...

home is my sanctuary. i love making my home and being at home which is probably why it shows up so much in my photography. how wonderful it is that we can all share the things we love this way. :)

terriporter said...

One of the most wonderful things about photography, I think, is that it allows us to see and capture whatever we want and to share it with others. And to help them to see the beauty in things like a rusty nail or a sink of dirty dishes! It always fascinates me when I'm out with a group of photographers how we all see things differently or see things the others didn't notice. I always love coming back from a photowalk and seeing what everyone chose to capture and thinking, "I didn't see that! Where was that?" It would be interesting to know why people see the things they do but it is wonderful that we can all see things differently and can capture and share the things we see.

Dotti said...

What captures my eye? Flowers, always flowers. And shafts of sunlight. Color in any way, shape or form. I have to agree with Terri, taking a photo walk with other photographers is always an eye opener - we all see different things. That's what makes it fun!

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