Friday, June 17, 2016

Focus On You!

by Carol

Well, I have to tell you - I am really enjoying the Dark and Moody theme this month. I also have to admit that I haven't really tried it significantly yet, but you have all inspired me!. The gallery is beautiful! I have chosen to focus on two images that stopped me in my tracks:

The first came to us all the way from Poland! It is from Justyna Dark and is entitled simply "Bloom." I love the sharpness, and the subtle tones brought out in the petals by the low light.

You can visit Justyna at her   Flickr page:
or her Facebook page:Facebook page:

Next, we have our long time friend Viv Halliwell, whose image "From My Garden" also has that wonderful effect on the flower colors and also incorporates one of those rich, pealy, European walls as a backdrop. Sigh - to die for!

You can visit Viv's work at her brand new website -
 (Way to go, Viv!)
Her Instagram feed  viv_halliwell
or her Flickr Page  Flickr pages

(With the exception of the IG feed which you have to type in, just click on these links and travel immediately there)

From My Garden

Thank you both so much for being a beautiful part of our family here at FOL :) From here to Poland - Imagine that!


Viv@Thoughts from the Desktop said...

Thanks so much for featuring my image. Mean and moody is my default so this months challenge was perfect.

Cathy H. said...

Both are beautiful choices!

Dotti said...

Today is International Day at FOL! Justyna is from Poland and Viv is from Great Britain. And both artists have shared astoundingly beautiful work with us today. Thank you, Viv and Justyna!

Carol said...

oH Viv I had forgotten you were from Great Britain! Sorry -didn't mean to dis you!!

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