Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall in the Midwest

by Deanna

I live in the midwest, that can be good news or bad news depending on the time of year, day of the week, or time of day. I am referring to our broad range of weather that can bless us or curse us with its ability to change from hour to hour. Right now we are in that golden time of the year when the leaves begin to turn into their breath-taking colors showing off their reds, golds, yellows, oranges, and purples.  Me and my camera are happy campers right now, but believe me in a couple of weeks we will probably be barren of colors until spring. And, yeah, don't ask me when that is. It's part of the curse of the midwest, sometimes it comes, sometimes not. But right now I am totally enjoying these golden moments.

I am truly blessed with the places very close to my home where I can wander to my heart's content. The Morton Arboretum is but a 10 minute drive and with my membership I can go anytime, The Spring and the Fall are my favorite seasons, each with their own assests. Spring with the fields of daffodils, blue bells, and magnolias and Fall with its glorious colors and late blooming anemones and hydrangeas.

The birds are gathering to begin their flight south and soon we will be void of the colorful robins that grace my yard in the spring and summer. Some (?) winter here, but most migrate south and return in the early spring.

Even the squirrels have been busy gathering and foraging in preparation for winter. The squirrels around here do not hibernate, but stay and live off their reserves with an occasional trip to the bird-feeders that neighbors provide.

My other favorite place to wander is our city's riverwalk. Situated in downtown Naperville, it provides a pleasant gathering place to stroll along the DuPage River enjoying the sights and sounds that surround the area. When I walked there yesterday I ran into an old friend, witnessed an engaged couple having their portraits taken, many dog walkers, and those just taking a leisurely stroll both young and old.

Last week at the arboretum the yellows and golds were coming into their prime, this week along the Riverwalk, the reds are making their appearance.

Even the junipers are producing their red fruit...

Along with all these golds, yellows and reds there is an occasional purple that stands alone. Not your typical fall color but beautiful on its own.

Since we had such a warm September the colors this year are later than normal which is fine with me, just that much more time to enjoy. I hope you are having a colorful fall, if not please enjoy mine.

PS - Go Cubs!!  (the Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in 108 years) Time for a win!


Sandra said...

Wonderful images of your Mid-West Autumn, Deanna. I love your maple leaves in the third from last shot.
Our autumn has been late to come, the colours are not very advanced and the wind and rain are bringing the leaves down already. Every year it's different!

Dotti said...

So lovely to see you immersing yourself in the beauty of Morton Arboretum and then sharing it with us makes it twice as nice. You got a lovely photo of that squirrel, timing is everything. Fall is late here, too. That's the funny thing about fall and spring - you can never pinpoint exactly when the colors will be most brilliant or when those spring blooms will appear to chase away our winter blues. Thank you for your guided tour to your favorite arboretum.

kelly said...

glorious Deanna! fall is a bit later here too. but I'm savoring every minute of it!

terriporter said...

Seeing these amazing photos makes me wish I lived somewhere where I could enjoy fall. I think I might just have to come for a visit next October! Your photos are beautiful as always and I love seeing the one of the Riverwalk because it brings back wonderful memories. Such a great time of year when you can enjoy the changing leaves and still have flowers! Thanks for sharing your fall.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Just gorgeous Deanna! You live so close to such awesome places.

Ellen D. said...

I live in Naperville also! I love how you capture the beauty around me! Wonderful! Thanks so much!

Irina Kolosovskaya said...

Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your fall, Deanna!

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