Thursday, October 27, 2016

Politically Correct

by Linda

Let me apologize in advance, sorry to mention the unmentionable. Also I need to apologize because I seem to have had a change of heart regarding all the current chaos that is surrounding the political environment we are now embroiled in.

For most of the past year, I have been, honestly, disgusted with the media, the candidates and all the chatter that this year has placed on social media. It seems this years battle has been especially nasty and too many people are following suit. I tried to look away from things that did not align with my own thinking. But then I asked myself, why was I really doing that? Because this past year has been politically amazing.

(she's crazy!)

I began to think that this year has been unprecedented. I asked myself why was this the case. Well, we have a woman candidate for starters, we have a businessman candidate that defeated every career politician along the way to the nomination which goes to say "anyone can be president". But honestly, no matter who the top 2 candidates were, social media played a huge factor in pretty much every facet of the campaigns of these two. And don't forget about the other candidates that are not prominently featured. There are several.

This has been the most contentious election year I have witnessed in my lifetime. I don't think this was the case in previous elections, at least it was not played out for all to see. Social media has allowed many private details that we would probably not be aware of, to become front and center. I'm sure there have been contentious elections in the past but there was never a way to broadcast that to the entire population before. There was social media for the past few elections but it was still in it's infancy. Not too many on Twitter, no live Tweeting and no Facebook live. I have followed all the current and potential candidates on Twitter and, I must tell you, even when I had to hold my nose and plug my ears, it's been fascinating.   

So, I have reversed my thinking about this whole mess of an election and have to admit, I'm gonna miss it when it's over. I believe many things will change other than who lives in the White House. There is a groundswell coming from the people on both sides of the election, this is going to be the root of change. I also believe that one of the greatest things about this country is we have the power to vote. No matter who you like, get out and vote. Don't think your vote doesn't matter because "well, my candidate's gonna win/lose anyway" because that doesn't matter. You're voice matters and that is what will be heard on November 8. Do it. It's a privilege a lot of people around the world don't have. It's an honor to select the people we want to represent us. It's the Politically Correct thing to do!

And BTW, I early voted! Now I'm going to sit back and watch the final act!

 Did you?


Happy Halloween!

Don't get scared! Go vote!



Dotti said...

My name is Dotti and I'm a self-professed political junkie. So is my daughter. Usually in a presidential cycle, the two of us will get so nerdy about the elections that it drives people around us nuts. This year we've been too disgusted to discuss it very much at all and I've actually curtailed my intake of news. I totally agree, Linda, that 24/7 news, Facebook, Twitter and social media in general are ruining the political/public arena. All that said, I 110% agree that we should all get out and vote, whatever our political persuasion. It's shameful that the US has such a poor turnout for election days, even in presidential years. As imperfect as it is, I love my country but one of the biggest dangers we face is voter apathy, the very core of a republic, which is what the US is. To safeguard our democratic system, even with all its warts, we must vote. We don't have early voting in my state (I so wish we did!) but I'll be there on November 8th to cast my votes. I hope all of you will be, too.

kelly said...

i'm in 100% agreement about social media and its impact on the election...very interesting times we live in for sure. but I love the way you framed this...a different way to see things that has made me feel better about this election cycle. who knew that was even possible! ;)

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I totally agree with you...I find it all fascinating and so completely different from any other election in my lifetime. I vote on the day of the election and I have never, ever, not voted. I long ago decided which presidential candidate I was going to vote for and am now perusing all of the propositions, etc on my ballot. Voting is a privilege and something everyone citizen should do.

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