Monday, November 21, 2016

Pause a Moment.

by Carol

from the Field Gallery, Martha's Vineyard

We have all acknowledged it. The world is getting smaller, the years are going by faster, far away places are getting more similar. You can go to McDonald's in Shanghai, and eat Thai food in Hoboken. 

I'm OK with all that. We are more a part of "the globe" everyday and that helps us appreciate our similarities.(or it should). It helps us to find common purpose.(or it should.) But we do lose a little individuality, a little ethnicity. I hate to see that go.

And now the seasons are shortening. We take down the New Year's decorations and put up hearts for Valentine's Day. We advertise bathing suits in the midst of the March snow. It's to give us more time to shop for things we don't really need. And this time of year, my least favorite thing happens. Christmas decorations are in the stores, our local streets are decorated. I heard a woman interviewed on Election day in North Carolina. She was waiting for the polls to close so that she could transform the town square into Santa's village for the town's Christmas parade and celebration, complete with eggnog.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No presents to buy, no fancy color-themed clothes (unless you want them.) Just good food, family time and gratitude. So join me, won't you? Put your shopping list aside at least until Black Friday. Help your Mom makes some leaf wreaths. Rip up the bread to stuff the turkey. Make an apple pie. Take a walk outside.

But most of all, make your gratitude list. Make it in your head if not on paper. Look around your table, whether it seats 3 or 40, and think about the souls who share your life. Consider your own traditions. Take in your surroundings. Treasure your time with those you don't see often. And say a little prayer of thank you for all you have been given. Wilferd A. Peterson calls it "Thanksliving" It's a verb. What follows is his list of how to do it. It's a good list.

                                -By living your life triumphantly
                                -By being grateful to all who have helped you
                                -By you doing things for others
                                -By striving to make others happy
                                -By helping to be an inspiration to others
                                -By living each day to the fullest
                                -By using your talents and obligations to be invested for the common good
                                -By facing the challenges of life as a challenge for achievement
                                -By enjoying what you have and sharing it with others

Happy Thanksliving Everyone!


Sandra said...

Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration for all the reasons you mention. I wish we celebrated it here! Happy Thanksgiving!

AFishGirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you dear FOL women who create a place that encourages gratitude and noticing the beauty around us and celebrating the exquisite details of this journey. Even in my minimalism quest, this blog is staying bookmarked.

chasing the sun said...

I love Thanksgiving, the time with my family...I love the Winter holidays...I make my Christmas gifts..I usually spend part of the spring and the whole summer making my afghans , ornaments, baby toys, scarves, and shawls that I plan give to my loved ones ...I find crafting (knitting and crocheting) fun and relaxing :-)

chasing the sun said...

I shy away from malls and Black Friday, lol...

Dotti said...

YES! To Thanksgiving. We should celebrate it every day in our hearts and minds and express it to those for whom we are so grateful. But we get busy and forget, don't we? Or we're just too tired. Or too lazy.

What a wonderful post to lead us into Thanksgiving week here in the US. Those in other countries - join us in spirit. Everybody can "play". Among the many things I'm grateful for are the other eight people who keep this blog humming, this little corner of the net. I do hope - and I think we do - we provide a safe and happy place here for everybody because I love our readers, I'm grateful for each one of you. And you make FOL what it is by coming to visit and sharing your love with us.

Happy Thanksgiving - everywhere!

heyjudephotography said...

I love that word - thanksliving. And I love this post to start my week on a positive, loving, and grateful note. Wise words Carol. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to all of our readers.

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, the perfect post to start Thanksgiving week! Sometimes I wish the calendar were different and that Thanksgiving didn't come so close to Christmas so people wouldn't leap ahead and start decorating for the next holiday when the current one is so important. Giving thanks for all we have, both on Thanksgiving and every other day, is the key to happiness, but Thanksgiving is the reminder for all of us to really look at our blessings and count each and every one. I will echo what Dotti said: I am grateful for everyone here and not just on Thanksgiving! I hope those of you who celebrate have a wonderful, warm and family-filled holiday. Hugs to all!

kelly said...

I cannot think of better way to enter thanksgiving week than this post. Wishing all of you a wonderful, peaceful holiday. xoxo

Cathy H. said...

Wonderful post to begin this Thanksgiving week! I'm a little bit ahead of most, due to unusual circumstances we celebrated our family Thanksgiving on Saturday. It was everything it should have been and everything I needed . . . hugs, laughs, conversations, helpfulness and thankfulness and of course the traditional good food. The day we celebrated didn't matter, it was all about being with family. I'll still be celebrating with a much smaller gathering on Thursday. I like Peterson's words on "thanksliving." Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could keep this spirit every day? Happy Thanksgiving to you, Carol!

Deanna said...

What a lovely post to begin the week of Thanksgiving, when we stop and reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Thank you, Carol for this beautiful post and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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