Thursday, December 8, 2016

...Laying a Finger Aside of his Nose, and Giving a Nod...

by Linda

Do you believe?

I do. I believe in magic and miracles. And there's no better time to see magic and miracles than this time of year.

Am I right?

There is nothing quite like the glitter and sparkle that surrounds us. The air is full of hope and joy. Childrens faces literally glow. There's magic in that. It has to be magic. Children believe without question. It's the grown ups that can't grasp the fact that a jolly old dude with a white beard and a red suit can fit in the chimney. duh! The grown ups need to take a lesson. Look for the joy, expect the goodness and we won't be disappointed.

The grown ups get so busy. Too many things to do, not enough time, they miss the magic. The children don't get too busy, don't want to miss anything, can't wait till Christmas! Why is it taking so long?

We need to take it down a notch. Everything will get done. It's not a race. And if something doesn't get done, the world won't come to an end. I bet no one even notices.



my tween grand will shudder at the thought I used the word "totes". She will say "mimi, PLEASE don't use that word! NO ONE uses that word! You know it's so old-fashioned!"

and I will reply "totes!"


Where do you see magic?

Is it in the first snow? The soft white covered ground that twinkles and sparkles, and the absolute quiet that comes with it?

Is it in the bokeh? In the camera? Because I can't see it with just my eyes, but my camera sure can! There must be magic in my camera!

I know, I know, technological yadayadayada, (makes me sleepy), is what makes bokeh.

I still think it's magic.

I believe.

Do you?



AFishGirl said...

The first "real" snow, not the flurries that melt. Yes. I feel identical to the girl who sat in the fourth grade classroom in December many mannnnnyyyyyy moons ago. The lights were on in the daytime (we didn't always have lights on back in those days) and it was grey outside, snow sky. I was working in a notebook (which we called scribblers) and all my favourite smells were around me (crayons, Pink Pearl eraser dust, chalk, that green stuff janitors used to clean the floors, maybe faint bleach smell from my shirt which my Mom would have washed, hung out in COLD weather where it froze on the line, brought it in, thawed it, ironed it...) I am laughing softly to type this all out. And, my point? I looked up and snow was falling, straight down. It was like being inside a snow globe. I remember the silence and my heart beating faster and looking out that window at the magical transformation, how in the blink of an eye my whole world had turned into this magical place with snow falling. That feeling has never left me (just ask Dotti!) and despite my adult worry of people having to drive, I still get the same exact feeling when the snow is falling. There you have it. And, no snow in our forecast yet (not that I check often.... ha. Like, uh, every few hours?)

Dotti said...

Dotti here - Yes, that FishGirl is a real snow bunny. I think she took the wrong online name. How does SnowGirl sound?

Seriously, she does still find magic in snow. I do not. Well, just a little, here today, gone tomorrow. However, bokeh, and sunlight sparkling on the water, rainbows, twinkln stars and super moons - that is magic to me.

But the real magic? Love.

Cathy H. said...

This makes me smile! I do believe in magic and feel it most when looking at my Christmas tree when all other light are turned off. I take off my glasses and squint my eyes a little and the lights sparkle and dance . . . MAGIC!

terriporter said...

Oh, definitely! This is the magic time of year! It's everywhere if you slow down long enough to see it. And bokeh is magic for sure! I'm trying to capture as much of that as I can while the twinkle lights are around. And once again, with my two little granddaughters, I see the magic of Christmas in their eyes and that is the VERY best!

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