Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Search for Quiet

by Leigh

Sometimes I like to be alone.  Actually a lot of the time I like to be alone.   I guess it's part of the introvert in me that craves the solitude and quiet. Wanting quiet time doesn't necessarily mean I'm alone in my room hiding from the world.  Although I have to admit that I come home early on Tuesdays before anyone else to enjoy my freshly cleaned house.  I look forward to that Tuesday solitude each week.  I used to feel guilty about taking time to myself during a busy work week, but I've realized that I am more productive, calmer and less stressed when I have those brief quiet moments throughout my week.  

Some people might think it's frivolous or selfish to indulge in quiet time especially when you want/need to devote time to other people in your life.  But if you change your mindset, you will find that time to yourself can actually enable you to share your gifts with the world.  When you honor your need for quiet time, you are choosing to put that energy into yourself.  It's the much needed self care that we are always talking about.  You become a happier person and happy people have the best chance of lifting up others around them while reaching their own full potential.  

Instead of feeling like quiet time is a guilty pleasure, recognize it as an essential part of nourishing your soul and replenishing your energy.  The restorative silence of solitude is what we all need after a fast paced day.  

Take some time and find your quiet.  I guarantee you will feel refreshed and energized....like a new person.  And when you enjoy these moments yourself, you are in a better position to be kind to others, care for your loved ones and make a difference in this world.


Carol said...

Leigh, you know we have this in common. It is essential in my world. As for being selfish - it's that old analogy - place the oxygen mask on your face first before helping your child into theirs. With your own life force and passion indulged and renewed you have more to offer the world and those you love.

kelly said...

As a fellow introvert, I totally get this. I get up about 30 minutes before anyone else just have a few quiet moments of solitude. I makes all the difference. xoxo

Dotti said...

A bit of quiet time to myself each day is essential to my overall well-being. I need to clear the cobwebs that the world seems to weave in my brain; I need to make room for order and for creativity. I think all creative people require some "me" time to function at their highest. I know this is very hard for you, Leigh, as the mother of growing children, but you're right. Taking time for ourselves will only make us better versions of ourselves to those we love.

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