Thursday, April 13, 2017

Springtime is...

by Linda

Springtime is my favorite season. Right after we clink our glasses and sing Auld Lang Syne, I am ready and waiting for spring.

Usually it's not too long of a wait. This year we were treated to an early spring, beginning in late February. It is rare to see new growth and warm temperatures that early but I'm not complaining. I remember one spring we got a late freeze on March 30. Oh the poor peach trees! And peaches grown around here are so good! Fingers crossed for a good crop this year!

The reason I love spring is because it always feels like a new beginning, a promise of good things and times ahead. Every plant that was bare and dormant is busting out with new tender green leaves and shoots, oh how I love that color! Once all the trees have their new leaves, the color is amazing!

And of course there are spring flowers. Our state flower, the bluebonnet, blooms only in the spring and only for about a month. It fills fields and roadsides with a wave of blue. People will stop for pictures in the best fields.

Of course, I am included in that lot! At the first sighting of a blooming bluebonnet, I begin to scout out my favorite fields to determine the best one to photograph my grands.

Each year, the fields will be different. Some will have lots of blue and some will have blue and red, and some will even have a bit of yellow.  All wildflowers in bloom signaling the start of spring!

You know how facebook will show you a picture from years past? A bit of nostalgia for you to share or not. Well, Shutterfly does it too. This year I was treated to pictures of my oldest grand when she was just a wee little.

Oh my! how time flies! This little button is now a tween, preparing for and getting excited for middle school. Considering, in my mind, I am still about 35, it hardly seems possible that she has gotten older.

I'm not ready for middle school!

But anyway, the lesson I learned from seeing these pictures pop up is that as much as I like to take pictures of things and plants and flowers and skies, I need to take pictures of people. Especially the people that are close to me.

Not only in springtime, but all the time!

You'll have to excuse me now, I have to cover my grey and bondo my wrinkles. (35 my a$$!)



heyjudephotography said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures Linda. I love spring too, for those same reasons. But your "lesson" at the end speaks to me as well. I love nature and macro and spend most of my photography time with that. Of course I have photos of my family and friends too, but I need to do better. Take more. On special occasions and on no occasion at all. Thanks Linda.

terriporter said...

Children in fields of flowers are such a wonderful combination! And I love that you have several from years past to compare. They just grow up too darn fast! Even faster than our own kids did. I too am guilty of taking more pictures of flowers than people and your reminder to focus on those we love is a good one. They are blossoming not only in spring but all the time!

Dotti said...

Yes, yes, and YES to everything you have said here today! Watching the progression of your granddaughters' growth makes me misty eyed. They all grow up too quickly. As Terri said, the grans seems to grow up more quickly than our own did! Someday, I'll visit you and see the bluebonnets. I've never seen them!

Sandra said...

Beautiful pictures of gorgeous flowers and sweet children! They do grow up far too fast - and without noticing it, we do too!!

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