Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When the Quince Bloom....

by Deanna

When the quince bushes bloom, then I know that Spring has arrived.  Even though the calendar may have cited March 20 as the official day of Spring, that is certainly not the case in the Midwest, and from the weather reports obviously not in many states both west, east and north of us.  But right here, in my little corner of the world, I determine Spring has officially commenced when the quince bloom.

I planted the three quince bushes in a garden right outside our front door the first Spring we moved into this house.  That was in 1979, 38 years ago and every year since, they have bloomed each Spring without fail, and to the best of my ability to remember (sometimes a challenge) it has never snowed here once the quince have bloomed.   I can’t say that about the snowdrops, the crocus or the daffodils, but I can state with confidence that no snow has ever fallen on my blooming quince.

So what is it that speaks to you?  Are you like me that when a special plant or flower blooms you finally feel like Spring has arrived?  Is it when the magnolias burst forth, or the dogwoods open to reveal their beautiful  flower?  In Arizona, the cactus begin their glorious blooming season in late March and early April (which I missed, dang it), Is it perhaps your favorite birds returning from their southern wintering grounds, or Spring rains with flashes of lightening and booms of thunder?  In Texas the bluebonnets cover the hillsides and in Washington DC the cherry blossoms are at their peak in late March.

I don’t know about you, but Spring to my eyes launches the 3 seasons of color that lasts throughout the spring, summer and fall.   Commencing in March with the first sightings of the snowdrops and crocus and 7 months later into October witnessing the glorious colors of Fall, our eyes are embraced by the colors of nature.   That continuous color nurtures my soul, lifts my spirits and is a constant reminder of God’s sweet gift to us. 

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” 
― Victor Kraft


Carol said...

I follow the geese. I literally wave goodbye to them as they honk away from winter , and yell hello to them whe. They fly noisily in, in their v formation every spring -usually right around the last March snowstorm. They give me hope! ( Although it's much more fun to see them in the sky then to live with them on the ground , I will admit💩! )

Dotti said...

Your quince blossoms are beautiful! For me, spring arrives with the dogwood, which, in my yard are just making their appearance. In fact, I'm on my way outside with my trusty camera and macro lens to capture some of the early beauty.

terriporter said...

First of all, I absolutely LOVE the color of quince blossoms and your photos are beautiful! Glad to hear spring is finally coming to your neck of the woods. As you said, one of the first signs of spring here in the desert is the blooming cactus. However, we have been in the 70s since February and wearing sandals so I guess spring came even sooner! :-) The cactus are taking turns blooming and proving me with the most beautiful photographic subjects! I wish spring could last forever.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I would say the crocus are the sign for me. A welcome spot of color in the gray, dull world of post-winter Michigan.

Sandra said...

What fabulous captures of your beautiful quince flowers, Deanna. I thoroughly agree with you that the "continuous colour in nature nurtures my soul and lifts my spirits."
What I really look out for in the spring are the yellow forsythia bushes coming into bloom! This spells spring to me!

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