Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Fever or Spring Lethargy?

By Cathy

It’s getting warmer outside; the earth is turning green and flowers are blooming. As spring arrives have you felt your energy level rising, your mood lifting? Have you been a little restless? It’s Spring Fever! You’ve caught Spring Fever! After many long dark dreary days of winter, you feel like you can breathe again and enjoy the rebirth of nature.

But, not everyone feels energetic. For some, it is a season of leaden limbs, fits of yawning, irritability, headaches, and aching joints. It's not Spring Fever, it's Spring Lethargy. Spring Lethargy is similar to a mild case of jet lag. Our bodies are out of rhythm. It hit me this past week. I've been moody and generally overcome with fatigue. Of course, part of that may be the fact that I’m already dreading the heat and humidity of summer! It’s a little depressing to be out-of-sorts on these beautiful spring days. 

Yesterday, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to do. There was yard work that needed done and laundry and this blog post, but I didn’t want to do any of them, so I went for a drive. I didn’t go too far from home; just wandered the highways and back roads. Arkansas highways are beautiful this time of the year. Throughout the state, approximately 200,000 acres of roadsides along approximately 1,000 miles of highways have been planted with wildflowers. Along those stretches of highways you can see red clover, daisies, coneflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, black-eyed Susans, milkweed, and others. Now, that’s a sight that will cheer you up!

I’ve always wanted to stop along the highway and take pictures of the red clover, but there’s never been a safe place to pull over. Finally, on my drive I found the perfect spot. I was able to pull into a parking lot at the bottom of a hill covered in wildflowers, mostly red clover. Of course, it was the middle of the day and the light was harsh, but you know what? I DIDN'T CARE!! I was thrilled to be among such beauty. Needless to say, it certainly uplifted my mood.

Although finding the clover made me feel better, I discovered something else that made me laugh out loud. I'd gotten off the highway preferring the slower pace of back roads. That's where I discovered a camel. Yes, a real camel. Now, that's something you rarely see in Arkansas unless you visit the zoo or an animal wildlife reserve. I discovered that his name was Larry. A couple had also stopped to see him and they began calling his name. He came right up to the fence. They scratched his head. Not me, I stayed my distance, seems to me camels like to spit when provoked! I certainly didn't want to provoke him. He looked so happy and had such a beautiful place to roam with plenty of shade and a large pond nearby. At one point, he laid down, rolled over, and kicked his feet in the air. Sorry I have no pictures of that. He was too far away and in the deep shade. He certainly looked like he was enjoying spring!

I’m glad I got out of the house. It was a nice day full of surprises. There is hope for Spring Lethargy sufferers! This only lasts about two or three weeks as our bodies adapt to the processing of seasonal changes. So be kind and gentle to yourself, give yourself time to adjust.

It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is.
And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know
what it is you do want,
but it just fairly makes your heart ache. you want it so!
~ Mark Twain


AFishGirl said...

We're cut from the same cloth when it comes to season/heat/light reactions, Cathy. At least now I know what to call it. Remember, next month (when the solstice happens and the days begin to get SHORTER) you and I will have celebratory cake. I just laughed. Like "day after solstice cake." The camel, wow! He's a long way from home. Glad you got out for a drive and showed us the clover.

terriporter said...

That red clover is amazing! I know for me a little time out in nature is the cure for almost everything! Lethargy for me happens when our temps start getting over 100 and it really saps my energy for awhile while I'm getting used to the warmer weather. But right now is still the height of spring and I'm enjoying it while it lasts. That camel really made me smile!

Dotti said...

A camel! In the middle of Arkansas! What fun!

Spring Fever - I get it every year. My camera does, too. After long, grey winter days, we're happy to see sunshine and longer days.

Right now Spring Fever has awakened a rare urge in me - clean the house! I need to strike while the iron is hot because it never lasts long. Since it's raining today, I'm going to finish up so that when the sun comes out, my camera and I can go out and play.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful idea, Cathy, to go off for a drive when you were feeling so blah and were able to transform your spring lethargy into what definitely sounds like spring fever! Love all that gorgeous red clover and that lovely yellow flower in the last photo. You even got to meet Larry the camel! Now he was definitely in the picture to make you smile!

When I get the blahs, I put a bottle of water and a sandwich in my backpack and sling my camera bag over my shoulder and get out of my town to visit something new with a short train journey somewhere along the lake or in the country!

Anonymous said...

Who would expect to see a camel while wandering the roads and highways of Arkansas? The thought of it makes me laugh. Your flower photos are beautiful, the closeups brilliant. It's rainy and foggy here today so this was a cheering sight to see.

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