Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Summer Flower Arrangement

by Kelly

I hope some day to meet God, because I want to thank Him for the flowers. ~Robert Brault

 I got a wild hair on Sunday.

Right now my backyard is a carnival of bright, bold, colorful flowers. It's one of my very favorite things about summer actually, and to celebrate, I decided to make a summer flower arrangement with some of the blooms.

Using the Floret Farm Cut Flower Garden as a jumping off point, I went about my yard in search of greenery and flowers to make an arrangement.  For greenery, I used a few stems of weigela, some fern fronds, and dusty miller. Then for the flowers I chose roses, hydrangeas, astilbe, veronica, zinnias, and calibrachoa (small petunia-like flowers from my back porch pots) - all in shades of pinks, corals, and yellows.

I started by filling up my container (an antique silver pitcher that belonged to my husband's grandparents) with water and wedging some pieces of floral foam inside.

Sidenote...start by doing the foam first then adding the water...just trust me on this one.

Next I placed three branches of weigela into the vase similarly to the example in the book.

Then I added in the fern fronds and placed my stem of rose clusters near the front so that they would be the focal point (more or less).

To complete the arrangement I simply added in the other flowers trying to vary the shapes and maintain some visual balance in the overall arrangement.

I am so happy with the way it turned out!

The great thing about an arrangement like this is that there is no real right or wrong way to do it.  And I just love the fun mix of shapes, colors, and textures.

They other great thing about making this arrangement (besides the fact that it didn't cost me a penny) was the sheer delight of playing with flowers that I grew in my very own garden.  Thirty minutes of fun, messy play...a brief escape from my pile of laundry and sink full of dishes. Plus, as an added bonus, I get to enjoy my lovely arrangement whenever I walk into the kitchen.

It truly is simplest things that make me happy. Thank you, as always, for letting me share them with you.

Until next time,



terriporter said...

Wow, Kelly, this arrangement looks like it's right out of a florist shop! You make it look so easy and my flower arrangements always turn out looking like a 4-year-old did them! Of course, having all those beautiful flowers right at your fingertips helps but you have a real sense of knowing what to do with them. The varying colors and different textures make my eyes just keep going around and around trying to take it all in. And that David Austin rose! What a beautiful focal point! You have done an amazing job planting your garden and in selecting just the right things to go in this arrangement. Thanks for sharing!

Dotti said...

What a stunning arrangement! Now I know where Kelsey gets her creativity. (Not that I ever doubted where it came from!) And, oh, yes - the joy and satisfaction of making arrangements from our own flower gardens is pure bliss. Mine are never this lush, partly because I don't have as many varieties to choose from but mostly because flower arranging is not my strong suit. My husband is actually much better than I am. This year, though, I am sharing my daughter's cutting garden (we have a lack of sun) so you have inspired me!

PS - I'll remember your tip about foam before water. :)

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful, Kelly! You make this look easy, but I know it's not! Well, it may be easy if your talented that way and I'm not! I've never had a cutting garden, mostly because there's too much shade around me. These flowers do remind me of my grandmother's garden. She had row after row of every color bloom you can imagine! She always had some on the kitchen table and shared them every Sunday at church on the communion table!

heyjudephotography said...

Gorgeous Kelly! I love the step by step process that you took. You definitely have a talent for this. You really inspire me with all of your creativity, and that you take the time to be creative.

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