Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When The Well Runs Dry

by Judy

"Take a step back.  Clear your mind of its fog.  Refresh your perspective."

As most of you probably know, each of us here at Focusing On Life have a schedule for our blog posts.  We post every two weeks, and sometimes those two weeks seem to come around very fast!

Knowing that my post was coming up today, days ago I began thinking about what I'd like to write about.  Sometimes ideas come easily, the writing is easy, and the reception from all of you is great. There have been many times that I've found myself scribbling ideas down on the back of an envelope dug from the bottom of my purse, or jotting down notes on the back of a napkin so that I didn't forget them. The ideas just flow!  Other times, it's not so easy.  

This time I didn't know what to write about.  I couldn't think of a single thing.  All of the ideas that did come to mind seemed forced, and I know that when I try to force it, it doesn't make for my best posts.

 I've been stretched thin these past few weeks, both at home and at work.  Needless to say, I'm not surprised that ideas aren't flowing.  I have learned that when I'm very busy, and not giving myself time to be creative, the well runs dry.  I've said it before, others here have said it before, but it definitely bears repeating.... we must, must, must take time out for ourselves.  We must fill our buckets.

We have to be in the right state of mind to let ideas and creative thoughts in.  What works for me may be entirely different from what works for you, but I'd like to share my methods, and I'd love to hear your methods as well!

First and foremost, I need quiet time to myself  so that I am open and aware of everything around me. I used to go to my favorite sanctuary and sit on the bench near the pond and just BE.   I don't always have time for that now, so I've learned how to find a quiet place in my home to be still.  No phones, no social media, no people.  Now, that's not to say that as I sit there I'm flooded with creative ideas. No.  But giving myself that time, and letting my mind be still, allows for those creative ideas to start flowing again.  Maybe it's that day, maybe not.  But my mind is open.  

There's another method that I haven't done in awhile, but one that I found to be very effective, and one that I will be revisiting again.   I would start each morning 'free journaling.'  I learned of this method after reading Julie Cameron's book, The Artist's Way.  She suggests taking 30 minutes each morning to write freely in a journal.  

At first this seemed strange to me, but I quickly learned that the only way to do it is to just pick up my pen and start writing. I would set a timer on my phone so that I wasn't distracted by checking the clock.  I began looking at my free journaling as my way of daydreaming on paper. 

As I write this I am reminded of an article that I read this year that was written by a clinical meditation consultant.  He compared our brains to a body of water.  The calmer the water, the clearer the reflection.  Our minds are no different.  He states that when 'the surface thinking settles, it becomes much easier to see the contents of the mind.'

We live in a busy world and we must do what it takes to calm our minds to let our creativity flow. Today, won't you please take time for yourself, even if it's just a few minutes.  Be still, and let your mind be open to all that is around you.  


Cathy H. said...

I've had so many days like yours when the well is dry. I love comparing our brains to water. We do need to find the stillness inside so we can reflect it in our creativity and in other parts of our life. To not have anything to write about . . . you did well and I needed to hear this today!

Dotti said...

My well seems to have been dry quite a bit lately! And sometimes we just have to write about these things because that's how it is. Life happens. Sometimes it helps just to know others are right there with you. I sure am!

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, I know we can all identify with this. And you make an excellent point that we absolutely must take time for ourselves. When I'm running around like a crazy person and doing a million things, my mind is anything but creative. Calm minds produce clearer thoughts. I love the water analogy!

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