Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Autumn Moments

by Leigh

As I walked around my backyard with my camera anticipating this post,  I noticed moments that I wanted to capture.  It was a walk of intention....a time to be here in the now and open my senses to everything around me.  It was a particularly blustery day, but for a moment the winds calmed down enough for the wheat colored plumes of the Dwarf Hamelin Grass and the blurry pinks and purples of the Muhly Grass to compose themselves perfectly.  

The afternoon light gave me a brief moment of warmth that was soon cut by the chill of the breeze. That stream of light illuminated the edges of the Nandina leaflets for just a moment until the sun continued to set. 

A tattered orange leaf landed briefly in the vine covered whitewashed lattice fence.  It stopped just long enough for me to see it and capture it before moving along to it's next destination.

A fallen leaf effortlessly floats in the little bit of remaining water in the birdbath. I am thankful to notice these fleeting moments of an Autumn season that goes by too quickly.  These moments keep me grounded to the amazing world around me.  Feeling grounded is important not just physically but psychologically.  When we find a connection to the earth, we connect to something much, much larger than ourselves and for that I am truly grateful.


Sandra said...

Lovely visual details of the season. I like the white washed lattice fence and the lone leaf in the sun.

AFishGirl said...

It delights me you know all the plants names. This coming from someone who knows almost no plant names. I can never remember them. The leaf shot, swoon. Serious swoon. And our connection to the earth? I wish everyone could go and lay on the ground and feel the earth, truly feel it right now, feel the wholeness and the hugeness and what it needs from us, what it asks of us for it's wellness. I think about that often.

Focusing on Life said...

.....And if you don't look, you won't see......
beautiful moments captured. And thanks so much for sharing. I love the grasses!
and -what Pam said!

Dotti said...

As I go about my days, I've noticed how many leaves with their beautiful fall colors are still on the trees, so unusual for us so late in the season. But it is a reminder that these things will happen in their own time, not man's. That's how it is with nature - the reminder that there is something/someone bigger than we are out there. And that bigger being connects us all, no matter how far away we are from one another or how different we are from one another. I'm thankful for the joy to be found in nature. Your photos, Leigh, are absolutely wonderful. A calming way to begin the day. Happy Thanksgiving'

terriporter said...

Oh, I feel like I have just been on a beautiful stroll through your yard with you and we are all blessed that you captured it and shared it with us! In many of your shots, your words and the photos say that you were there at just the right time to capture what you did and a moment later would have been too late. It's the reason we all need to keep our eyes open for the beauty around us because in a moment it could change and be gone. The light is especially fleeting and you captured your images at just the right time to preserve the beauty of the moment.

Ellen D. said...

your poetic words really highlight the pictures perfectly! Thank you!

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